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Kyrgyz ak-kalpak: status of cultural symbol and ban on imports

The Ministry of Culture submitted for public discussion a draft government decree «On granting the national headdress ak-kalpak the status of a cultural symbol.»

The purpose of the document is to support national traditions and develop the pride of the Kyrgyz people for the national culture, broad propaganda of national values ​​and spiritual education of the younger generation of Kyrgyzstan.

The Ministry of Culture reminds of the June 29, 2016 decision of the Parliament «On Declaring March 5 the Annually Celebrated Ak-Kalpak Day.»

«At the same time, a number of negative cases of disrespect for the national headdress have been observed lately. Private entrepreneurs bring from neighboring countries kalpaks, made of poor-quality synthetic materials, which negatively affects the perception by the foreign guests of the true ak-kalpak. In this regard, there is a need to take certain measures to prohibit the import of ready-made headdresses from other states,» background statement says.

Earlier, the deputy of the Parliament Ekmat Baybakpaev voiced the initiative to grant to the national headdress of Kyrgyz ak-kalpak the status of a cultural symbol. He offered to oblige the president and all senior officials to wear this headdress.