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President, high-ranking officials may be obliged to wear ak-kalpak

Member of Respublika — Ata Jurt faction Ekmat Baybakpaev made an initiative to grant the national headdress of the Kyrgyz ak-kalpak the status of a cultural symbol. He drafted the bill.

Background statement states that the purpose of the document is to improve the image of «the most important element of the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people — ak-kalpak, establish the legal framework for its protection, support and development, promote ak-kalpak, create conditions for the formation of ak-kalpak as a cultural symbol of the republic.»

The bill is also aimed at increasing the recognition of the state and people of Kyrgyzstan through the preservation of the historical heritage and culture of wearing ak-kalpak.

The author proposes to oblige the president, the speaker of the Parliament, vice speakers, deputies, prime minister, heads of ministries, as well as members of official delegations to wear ak-kalpak during official receptions, visits at all levels to foreign countries. «The aim is to promote and preserve the traditions and cultural fund of the Kyrgyz people,» said Ekmat Baybakpaev.

The order of wearing the national headdress, according to the deputy, should be determined by the government.

Recently, a scandal broke out because of ak-kalpak. Dog’s fashion show in New Year costumes took place in Bishkek on December 22. Master of one of the participants put ak-kalpak on her pet. The news about this caused outrage among the public, including parliament members. Several parliament deputies immediately demanded to punish the owner of the dog.

Civil activists went even further. They demanded from the shopping and entertainment center Bishkek-Park 10 million soms for organizing the dog fashion show.