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Kyrgyzstan counts wild animals

The number of wild animals, including those listed in the Red Book, was counted in Kyrgyzstan. The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry reported.

According to the agency, Alpine ibex is the leader among the main game animals that live in specially protected natural areas: more than 34,400 individuals. There were found 1,200 wild boars, more than 3,800 roe deers, 26,700 snowcocks, and about 20,000 pheasants.

As for the Red Book listed animals, there are 313 marals, 1,034 lynxes, 199 bears, 20 manul cats, 436 golden eagles, 195 blackcocks, 434 martens, more than 12,600 Marco Polo’s sheep, 28 mountain sheep of Severtsev and 4,000 Tien Shan mountain sheep.

In 2017, new sizes of fines for shooting Red Book listed animals were approved: for a leopard — 1.5 million soms, for maral — 1 million. The same amount will have to be paid for the «head» of a bear or wild sheep.