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One of reasons for religious radicalization of youth - social injustice

One of the main reasons for involving young people in extremist organizations is social injustice. Member of the Council of the Ulemas of Kyrgyzstan, the theologian Kadyr Malikov stated today during a video conference «How to curb spread of radical ideology among the Muslims in CIS.»

According to him, speaking about radicalization, one can refer to the low level of literacy of the youth in Islam issues, but the reason is also the social factor — the issues of injustice, the stratification of society into the poor and the rich.

«And this is pushing young people to search for answers in Islam to their — primarily ideological — questions. The fact is that today’s youth sees in Islam not just rituals (reading prayers, observance of Orozo (fasting) and others), but is looking for answers, to a greater extent, to political issues,» believes Kadyr Malikov.

According to him, there are many questions in society regarding the relationship between democracy and Islam, secularism and the growth of religiousness. And it is necessary to seek a balance here.

«Taking into account our specifics — the political situation and the current political model — we must look at both positive and negative sides. Freedom of religion allows the state to maneuver and apply not only repressive, restrictive measures, but also to use the prevention of radicalization,» he said.

On the other hand, according to the theologian, sometimes the rigid boundaries of secularism «in Soviet way» make the youth to see in the state an enemy, the anti-Islamic character of the country that is very dangerous.