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Taalatbek Masadykov: Kyrgyzstan takes observer position in relation to Taliban

«Kyrgyzstan will not separately — without the CSTO countries — make a decision on the recognition of the new government of Afghanistan,» Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan, Taalatbek Masadykov, said at a conference in Bishkek.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan has chosen an observer position in relation to the Taliban, who came to power in Afghanistan.

«The issue of recognizing the Afghan government is difficult and is not yet on the agenda in Kyrgyzstan, as well as the issue of accepting refugees from this country. Kyrgyzstan, like other Central Asian countries, will not be able to withstand their flow. We can only change our position on these key issues in a consolidated manner — with our allies in the CSTO. It is wrong to make such a decision on the part of Kyrgyzstan unilaterally,» Taalatbek Masadykov explained.

He added that the republic would continue to help the people of Afghanistan.

Over the past five years, the Taliban have been actively communicating with representatives of different countries, trying to find common ground and open ways for cooperation. I am sure that the humanitarian corridor to Afghanistan should not be closed.

Taalatbek Masadykov

Experts who took part in the conference noted that the zone of instability around Afghanistan is expanding. A theologian Kadyr Malikov stressed that the ideology of transnational terrorist groups is aimed at countering the national, sovereign states of Central Asia.

«Refugees are a resource for spreading ideology outside the IRA. They predict strengthening of family and clan regimes in the Central Asian states that will simultaneously increase the protest potential in the countries of the region. Traditional Islam is not ready to answer questions of political nature, a struggle for the minds of young people begins. An urgent modernization of religious thinking is needed, as well as the balance of secularism, state and religion. Against the backdrop of clannishness and corruption, the authorities fear competition with the Islamists. We have to make traditional Islam competitive,» Kadyr Malikov concluded.

Bishkek hosted an international conference «New reality of Afghanistan: Threats and challenges for Central Asia and Russia», organized by Eurasians — New Wave Foundation, the Russian Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn.