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All types of fuel rise in price in Kyrgyzstan

From today, all types of gasoline and diesel fuel have risen in price in Kyrgyzstan. The growth amounted from 10 to 60 tyiyns.

So, the cost of AI 92 and AI 95 gasoline grew by 10 tyiyns — from 40.9 soms to 41 soms and from 43.8 to 43.9 soms respectively. Diesel fuel has risen in price most of all — by 60 tyiyn. Today it costs 41 soms at filling stations Gazpromneft and Rosneft, 40.3 soms — at Bishkek Petroleum.

There is no sharp rise in price of fuel, but there is a slight increase. This is due to the growth in wholesale prices on the Russian market. Now the January fuel batches are being delivered to the country, and they are more expensive.

Executive Director of the Association of Oil Traders Ulan Kulov

«The trend towards price increase was traced at the end of last year. It retained in January. This is due to rising oil prices. From August to December 2017, it went up by 25 percent. In January, oil is already $ 70 per barrel. This is the highest price for the last three years. In addition, excise on fuel was raised in Russia. Now we cannot say exactly how events will develop and whether there will be a further rise in price. Everything will depend on February wholesale prices,» Ulan Kulov commented on the situation to 24.kg news agency.