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Price of AI 95 gasoline grows by almost 6 soms in 2023

Price of AI 95 gasoline increased by 5.9 soms in 2023. Data of the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic says.

If in December 2022 the average price for this type of fuel was 65.49 soms, in December last year it already reached 71.39 soms. In December 2023, compared to November 2022, prices for this type of gasoline have not changed much.

The price of AI 92 gasoline increased by 3.58 soms — from 60.16 to 63.74 soms. In December 2023, compared to November, price of AI 92 gasoline decreased by 39 tyiyns.

Diesel fuel, on the contrary, became slightly cheaper during the year — by 3.93 soms. If in December 2022 the average price of diesel fuel was 75.42 soms, in the last month of last year it fell to 71.49 soms. At the same time, in December 2023 compared to November, the price of diesel increased by 70 tyiyns.