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Situation around NTS. Reason for inventory of property

No one sized NTS TV channel. This was announced today by the lawyer of Grexton Capital Ltd Elena Dzimidovich.

According to her, inventory of equipment does not interfere with the work of the TV channel and all obstacles were created artificially by the staff of the NTS itself.

«They do not want to let me in. There are court executors, let them do their work,» Elena Dzimidovich said.

According to her information, the plaintiff is Grexton Capital Ltd, the defendants are Ayan and Trastmedi companies. The subject of the dispute was investment of $ 2,526 million, which the plaintiff is trying to return.

Elena Dzimidovich added that she does not personally know Maxim Bakiyev or Sergei Kostyrin, and knows nothing about their relationship with Omurbek Babanov.

She noted that at the moment the founder of NTS is some Myrzaev.

Recall, the day before, the judicial executors of the Interdistrict Court of Bishkek, accompanied by police officers, came to the office of the TV channel and presenting the court’s ruling, stated that the equipment of the channel should be registered, the property — arrested and the building — sealed off.

Inventory of NTS property has begun today.