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NTS TV channel property inventory started

The procedure of NTS television channel property inventory has begun. This was announced at a press conference by the lawyer of the channel Amantur Abdyrakhmanov.

According to him, the bailiffs started work. Representatives of the Judicial Department demanded documents from the accounting office.

«We will appeal the decision of the Interdistrict Court in a higher court. At the moment, the work of the channel depends on those to whom the property will be transferred for storage. The court’s decision states that the arrest was imposed on the defendant’s property, but it is unclear what exactly the arrest was imposed on,» Abdyrakhmanov said.

Recall, the day before, the bailiffs came to the office of the television company, accompanied by the police and a representative of Grexton Capital Ltd. Elena Dzimidovich.

This company is registered in the offshore zone and, according to some information, is included in the group of companies of the son of the deposed president Kurmanbek Bakiyev Maxim.

It was the central link in the chain of fictitious redemption through front companies of 100 percent stake in BiMoCom (comprising 51 percent of Penwell) in 2005-2006.

According to Elena Dzimidovich and the Interdistrict Court ruling, the equipment of NTS television channel must be registered, the property is arrested, and the building is sealed off till the court decision.

Grexton Capital Ltd. filed a lawsuit against several companies, legal entities and individuals. «The defendants in the case are Trastmedi and Ayan LLC, and the third parties are NTS and the State Registry of Alamudun district,» the General Director of the television channel Zhainak Usen uulu stressed.

Today in the morning the gates of the TV channel were closed, only journalists were admitted to the building. The bailiffs came to carry out the property of NTS, but they decided to communicate with the channel’s management without a press.