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Russian pilots to practice skills in high mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Military pilots of the Russian airbase Kant in Kyrgyzstan during the winter training period will master the skills of piloting in high-altitude and rarefied air conditions. General Commanding Officer, Colonel Andrei Yankin said, Zvezda TV channel reported.

«Of course, we will focus on improving flight crew piloting skills in high altitude and rarefied air conditions, using Su-25SM strike aircrafts’ weapons and Mi-8MTV helicopters, using the sighting and navigation equipment of aircrafts,» the officer said.

The United Russian air base Kant is part of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces of the CSTO. Its armament includes Su-25 attack aircrafts and Mi-8 helicopters.

According to the Colonel, the engineering and technical staff and specialists of the ground services of the unit will practice, in addition to fulfilling the planned tasks, standards for servicing, repairing weapons, technical units and aircraft units.

The commander of the Russian air base stressed that 2018 promises to be very intense in terms of combat training, participation in international exercises, command and staff training under the auspices of the CSTO and within the Central Military District of the Russian Federation.