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Kumtor workers call deputies terrorists, they take offence

The deputies of the Parliament did not like that they were called terrorists because of Kumtor. Saidulla Nyshanov said this at a session of the Parliament today.

Today, the deputies are discussing scandalous amendments to the Water Code permitting work on Davydov and Lysyi glaciers. Deputies also visited Kumtor, as well as representatives of the government and the public. Saidulla Nyshanov is sure that the employees of the mine were turned against the parliamentarians.

During the trip to the mine, representatives of the staff of the gold mining enterprise criticized the MPs and called them terrorists, who, by politicizing the issue, hinder the work.

«Deputies have been called enemies, turned into terrorists. It is wrong to intimidate and force to adopt this bill. It’s not right that our own people are turned against us. Everything has its limits,» Saidulla Nyshanov said.