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Usubaliev: Kyrgyzstan has always been under dictates of neighboring countries

Kyrgyzstan has always been under the dictates of neighboring countries. This was announced today at the round table by the Director of the Analytical Center Reasonable Solutions Esen Usubaliev.

According to him, Central Asia has never been able to become a developed region. All the events that formed it were from the outside. Central Asia could not generate ideas that would lead to successful results.

Countries enter into alliances; relationships are based on the dictates of forces. Kyrgyzstan has always experienced dictate from Uzbekistan — water, borders. Now such dictates come from Kazakhstan. It is like a return to the past, to demonstration of strength.

Esen Usubaliev

He explained that Central Asia demonstrates that its own tasks are solved without commonness, not for the development of the region.

«What happens now between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan shows the shortsightedness of the leadership of Kazakhstan. As it uses obvious pressure for political reasons, it is a pretty big deal,» Esen Usubaliev added.

All mechanisms of the Eurasian Economic Union are used as a tool of pressure. Under the pretext of sanitary norms, goods are not allowed to enter the country. «We have to resort to the help of a third party. For us, this is Russia. It does not act as an intermediary so far. We have no mechanisms to influence Kazakhstan. Prospects for this union are vague,» Esen Usubaliev believes.