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Government of Kyrgyzstan should tell how it will spend money of Centerra

The government of Kyrgyzstan must submit a plan, how it will spend $ 50 million allocated by Centerra. The expert Zhumakadyr Akeneyev informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the agreements on work with Centerra are breakthrough. «The former leadership of the country incorrectly laid the foundations of the agreement. These are official documents adopted by the parliament. It was difficult for Kyrgyzstan to change the terms of the agreement because of this. By negotiating and proving that the republic is not receiving enough, as the ecology is violated, it was possible to convince investors. Centerra agreed to allocate $ 50 million. The amount is large, and if we correctly dispose of it, the benefits will be felt,» Zhumakadyr Akeneyev said.

He added that the disputable issues should be solved at a civilized level, through negotiations. «Neither us nor Kumtor is profitable to sue. To avoid any talk, the government must submit a plan for how to spend money. On the part of Centerra the step is made, now it’s the government’s turn. It should tell how it’s going to manage the finances,» the expert believes.