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Kyrgyzstan establishes diplomatic relations with Kingdom of Lesotho

Kyrgyzstan established diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Lesotho. Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

According to it, the day before, representatives of two countries at the UN — Mirgul Moldoisaeva and Kelebone Maope — signed a joint communiqué during a meeting in New York.

The parties established diplomatic relations, guided by the principles and objectives of the UN Charter and international law, in particular, respect and strengthening of international peace and security, equality between states, due respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, independence, observance of international treaties and non-interference in internal affairs of states.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is located in South Africa. This is the only country in the world, the entire territory of which is located 1,400 meters above the sea level. The state became independent in 1966.