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Judoists from Kyrgyzstan win three more medals at Asian Championship

Judoists from Kyrgyzstan won three more medals at the Asian Championship among cadets (2000-2002) in Bishkek, the ippon.org website reported.

Yesterday, within the framework of the Championship, eight more sets of medal events have been held (four among boys and girls). 10 Kyrgyzstanis took part in it. Among the young men in the weight category of 73 kg Adil Myrzaev won all four fights and took »gold”. Judoists from Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan defeated.

In weight of 90 kg Umarbek Amirazhanov became the bronze prize-winner. During the tournament, he defeated a representative of South Korea, lost to a Kazakh and defeated an Uzbek. Among the girls in the weight of 57 kg Aigerim Izbaskanova defeated a representative of Hong Kong, lost to the Mongolian and defeated Iranian. She also has a »bronze”.

On the first day of the tournament, Kyrgyzstanis also won three awards. Thus, performing in the native walls, out of 20 representatives of the KR six rose to the podium. In the asset of our team there are one gold and silver and four bronze medals. In the team competition, it is outside the top six. Championship among cadets came to the end. 155 athletes from 14 countries participated.

Today in the fight for medals will perform the youth (1997-1999 years of birth).