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Russia and Kyrgyzstan agree on oil deliveries

Kyrgyzstan and Russia agreed on deliveries of crude oil, but now there is a shortage of diesel fuel. The Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Oleg Pankratov stated at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy.

During the meeting, deputy Azamat Arapbaev recalled that people’s deputies proposed not to change the fuel balance, but only to increase the quota for 450,000 tons of crude oil. This was required to completely load domestic refineries in Kara-Balta and Tokmak. However, as a result, only the ratio of duty-free oil products and oil has changed.

«We agreed on a change in the fuel balance. Under the new agreement, 60 percent of oil products and 40 percent of crude oil should be imported. But our factories could not find suppliers for a long period of time. They signed contracts only in the last month. As a result, businessmen began turning to us, there were problems with diesel fuel supplies. I personally addressed the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. We are currently negotiating over changes in the balance sheet to increase the quota for finished petroleum products with retaining quota for crude oil or with a small reduction in it," Oleg Pankratov told.