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About 1,000 children brought up in religious institutions of Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan told where the children who had been left without parental care are being raised.

About 1,080 children are brought up in orphanages, 2,001 children- in special boarding schools for disabled people, 3, 474 children — in boarding schools. The stationary social institutions of the Ministry of Social Development raise 428 children, private orphan homes — 988 children, religious children’s institutions — 917.

According to the Family and Children Protection Department, children get into orphanages because of the death of parents, when parents are recognized as missing or incompetent, because of deprivation or restriction of their parental rights, when the parents are serving sentence in detention facilities. In addition, children are left in the maternity hospitals because of external and internal migration.

Since 2014, 600 children, who turned out to be in orphanages and boarding schools, were returned to their parents or relatives thanks to the work of the territorial departments for the protection of the family and children.

More than 60 rehabilitation and crisis centers in Kyrgyzstan provide social services to families and children in difficult life situations.