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Politicians call for unity, harmony before upcoming elections 2017

Participants of the round table «State, Politics and Responsibility," which was held on April 17, issued a joint statement.

Representatives of various political movements on the basis of the discussion on the current social, political and economic situation in the country note that 2017 election year is an important historical stage in the formation of the further development of statehood for Kyrgyzstan.

«Modern world geopolitical and economic trends set before our country a number of internal and external challenges, adequate and effective response to which will require the consolidation of all progressive forces of the Kyrgyz Republic," the statement said.

According to the politicians, the key task at the current stage is to preserve unity, peace and national harmony in the country.

The forum participants said that, amid the existing pluralism of political views, they adhere to a unified position on key issues related to the forthcoming presidential elections in 2017.

Presidential elections must be held on time and in strict accordance with the law.

«The efforts of the entire state system and the branches of power are aimed at one common goal: elections without shocks and division of society, with respect for the principles of openness and respect for all voters and political platforms," ​​the authors of the statement noted.

All political forces and candidates must commit to adhere to the norms of legislation and morality, respect the rights of other candidates, not to use «black» technologies and media to defame political opponents.

«All presidential candidates should transparently present to voters their own detailed and clear program on the ways of development of Kyrgyzstan," the text says.

Voter lists should be as accurate as possible. The public, within the framework of the legislation, should be able to monitor the elections, counting of votes and the functioning of the central server, where all information on voting comes.

The CEC and the State Registration Service are obliged to organize their work solely based on the principles of legality, transparency and political impartiality.

State and municipal employees, budget employees should be protected from using them in election campaigning and other processes that are contrary to the principles of the legality and impartiality of elections.