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20 organizations declared terrorist in Kyrgyzstan

20 organizations in Kyrgyzstan are recognized as terrorist. At the same time, in 99.9 percent of cases, the domestic lists of banned organizations coincide with the world ones, Rustam Mamasadykov, Deputy Chairman of the State National Security Committee, said this at a meeting of the Parliament today.

Parliament considered a bill on countering terrorism. The document proposes the publication of a single list of organizations (legal entities, their branches and representative offices), including foreign and international organizations recognized by the courts of Kyrgyzstan as terrorist.

During the discussions, the deputies asked Rustam Mamasadykov questions not only about the bill, but also about the recent terrorist attack in St. Petersburg (Russia). The deputy head of GKNB once again noted that the suspected of the explosion had never been a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

And deputy Ekmat Baibakpaev asked whether the law allows to include in the list those organizations that are recognized terrorist by international courts. He was told that only domestic courts can recognize the organization as terrorist and banned in Kyrgyzstan.

The deputies also proposed regularly publishing not only a list of banned terrorist organizations, but also their supporters in our republic.