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Deputies of Parliament demand resignation of Edil Baisalov

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan demands to bring the deputy head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Edil Baisalov, to disciplinary responsibility. Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiyev stated at a meeting of the Parliament.

He said that he had talked with the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Japarov about the behavior of Edil Baisalov at a meeting of the Committee on Social Policy. The speaker promised to discuss the issue with the president.

«I strictly demanded and gave a warning. It’s not for the first time. The Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers makes a crack between the executive and legislative branches. He must be brought to disciplinary responsibility. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers have no right to offend the honor of the Parliament. The Parliament can demand and control the execution of the tasks assigned to the Cabinet. The time has come to consider the job competence of Edil Baisalov,» he said.

Deputy Erulan Kokulov suggested the speaker to raise the issue of the resignation of Edil Baisalov at a meeting with Sadyr Japarov. His colleagues supported the initiative with applause.

Deputy Aibek Osmonov demanded from Edil Baisalov to answer for his words at the committee meeting. It is about the statement of the deputy chairman of the Cabinet that deputies do not have the right to speak on behalf of the people.