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New White House for Sadyr Japarov: President urges not to criticize

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov commented on the decision of the authorities to construct a new building for the administration of the head of state. He told about it in an interview with Kabar state news agency.

According to the president, the place where he works now is also good. Iskhak Razzakov built the building of the Government House in 1950. At least 72 years have passed.

Sadyr Japarov noted that he also wants to construct a building that will be in use for hundred years. He admitted that he was not used to a luxurious lifestyle and no longer strives for a comfortable life.

«I just sit and work. I do everything to make every my decision and all my actions the basis of the future,» the head of state said and added that this would remain for people, for future generations.

He also noted that times are changing, and at the same time, the requirements for living and working conditions are changing. Traffic jams have been observed in Bishkek in recent years. People express dissatisfaction. In order to unload the center of the capital, all government agencies will be in the upper part of the city, where not only a building for the presidential administration will be built, but a complex of buildings for ministries and departments. The exception is law enforcement structures, they will work in the same place where they are located.

Sadyr Japarov specified that the new building of the White House would be erected by 2023.

«We will launch this building in 2023. It is this presidential building that will be built at sunrise over the construction site. Thus, we will move all ministries, government organizations, except for law enforcement agencies. It doesn’t cost government money either. Builders are our own. Instead of criticizing everything I do, support me. You won’t regret it,» he said.

On April 15, Sadyr Japarov laid a capsule at the construction of a new building for the presidential administration. The object is going to be built in Bishkek on the site of the demolished Issyk-Kul hotel.

It turned out that the building will be built in exchange for a land plot of 16 hectares. To ensure control over the construction of the new strategic facility, a separate structure was created at the Department of Presidential Affairs — the General Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction of Socio-Economic and Administrative Facilities.