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77 percent of medical students in Kyrgyzstan are foreigners

At least 77 percent of medical students in Kyrgyzstan are foreigners. The Ministry of Education and Science reported.

In total, according to it data, 39,851 students are studying medicine in the republic, 31,786 of them are foreign students. Most of them are citizens of India — 14,456 people, 9,725 are students of Pakistan, 5,174 are students of Uzbekistan. In addition, 668 Russians, 571 Kazakhstanis, 357 Tajiks, 363 citizens of other countries of the near and far abroad (472) study in the universities of Kyrgyzstan.

At least 23 higher education institutions train medical specialists in the Kyrgyz Republic. Six of them are state, 17 are private. Three of the non-state universities are licensed but do not have a student body.

About 15,308 foreign students are studying in state medical universities, 16,478 — in private ones.

It became known in 2020 that Pakistan included all medical universities in Kyrgyzstan in the black list and did not recommend its citizens to enroll in them.

The reason was that 90 percent of Pakistanis — graduates of medical schools in the Kyrgyz Republic cannot pass the mandatory exam by the Pakistan Medical Commission and their diplomas are not recognized at home. Later it became known that four universities were transferred by the Pakistani side to the green list (List A), four more must be accredited, they have been issued a temporary accreditation for a year.

Health Minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliev said he intended to close 17 out of 22 private medical schools. The list has already been compiled. In February, on behalf of the minister, a commission was set up to check the clinical sites of the country’s medical universities.

However, the Anti-Corruption Business Council noted that, according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, a license can only be revoked through a court. It can be done by the Ministry of Education, not by the Health Ministry.