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Labour Ministry intends to expand women's access to blue-collar jobs

The Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Migration of Kyrgyzstan intends to increase women’s access to blue-collar jobs. Press service of the ministry reported.

According to it, promotion of gender issues in Kyrgyzstan is carried out through the adoption of national programs. The national strategy for achieving gender equality until 2020, adopted in 2012, has come to an end.

«The interdepartmental working group, which included representatives of state bodies, the international and non-governmental sectors, developed a draft strategy to achieve gender equality until 2030 and a national plan for 2022-2024. In March, the document will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration,» the ministry said.

The Ministry of Labor noted that some legal norms restrict the participation of female labor force in certain types of work in the republic.

«On March 24, 2000, a government decree was adopted, which approved a list of professions, positions and jobs that limit the use of female labor. There are about 400 of them,» the department noted.

But since then, due to the social and economic changes that have taken place in the country, introduction of new technologies, certain types of employment have gone out of the scope of work considered as difficult, harmful and dangerous working conditions, and, therefore, have lost their relevance. Therefore, a draft document was developed, which abandons the list.