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Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bishkek returns to previous working mode

The Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bishkek returns to its regular (pre-COVID) working mode from December 1. Head Physician of the hospital, Gulzhigit Aaliev, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the number of people infected with coronavirus has decreased, and the number of patients with acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, pneumonia, on the contrary, is growing with the onset of cold weather. Therefore, all patients with infectious diseases, including acute intestinal infections, botulism, poisoning and viral hepatitis, will again be admitted there.

About 150 infected with COVID-19 are still undergoing treatment in the Infectious Diseases Hospital. They are isolated in one building, and will be discharged after recovery. Admission of such patients is stopped from today on. Disinfection works are carried out in the rest of the vacated buildings.

Coronavirus patients will be admitted by specialized hospitals — the National Hospital, the 6th and 1st City Hospitals.

At least 37 cases of community-acquired pneumonia and COVID-19 have been registered in Kyrgyzstan over the past 24 hours.