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Vast majority of cadets of driving schools fail exams in Kyrgyzstan

More than 200 driving schools are engaged in training of drivers in Kyrgyzstan. However, the number of exams successfully passed by cadets exceeds 10 percent only in four of them. Press service of the Ministry of Digital Development reports.

«The test consists of 20 questions. Time for passing the test is 25 minutes. Before passing the theoretical exam, the candidate is identified by a graphic image of the face in order to avoid strangers trying to pass the test. After the test, a candidate driver must pass a practical driving test, which is taken in real traffic conditions. The candidate’s ability to assess the traffic situation, timely and correctly respond to it, and perform maneuvers is tested. The practical exam is taken using two-way video recorders, which are installed in each examination car,» the statement says.

It is noted that the examination classes are also equipped with video surveillance cameras, which can be used to monitor the process of passing the exam online on a website.

Commissions that take qualification exams in the territorial registration departments and sectors of Unaa state institution have been created, which include two employees of the state institution, a traffic police officer, and a representative of the public.