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Talant Mamytov: Parliament established stability in country

«The Parliament must preserve its role and maintain a balance between all branches of power,» the Speaker of the Parliament Talant Mamytov said in an interview with Lessons of Parliamentarism TV program.

He noted that during last year’s riots (in October 2020 — Note of 24.kg news agency) the Parliament took responsibility and played a key role in ensuring peace and stability in the country.

«Stability has been established in our republic thanks to the efforts and contribution of the Parliament. The role of the Parliament as a body that ensures the balance of all branches of government must be preserved. This is clearly stated in the Constitution. I am confident that it will continue to perform its functions at the highest level,» Talant Mamytov said.

After the events in October 2020, the legitimacy of the current convocation of Parliament was repeatedly questioned by both local and international experts. However, the deputies were not embarrassed by this. It is this convocation that will go down in history as the most scandalous one. The deputies adopted a number of constitutional laws with gross violations of the regulations, in particular, the law on elections and a number of documents regulating the executive power. In addition, members of the Parliament approved the new version of the Codes and the law on false information criticized by experts.