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Turkish company to build waste recycling plant in Osh city

A waste recycling plant is planned to be built in Osh city. Press service of the City Hall of the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The Acting Mayor of the city Almaz Mambetov and the President of the Turkish company Biotrend Energy Ilhan Dogan signed a Memorandum on the implementation of the investment project «Design and construction of a waste recycling plant in Osh.»

After signing the document, Biotrend Energy undertakes to provide a design for the construction of the plant and prepare a feasibility study within a month, as well as provide financing for the project, including the preparatory phase, design, construction and commissioning phases. Representatives of the company have already visited the landfill in the city.

In turn, the City Hall of the southern capital will provide assistance within its competence for the implementation of the investment project.

Biotrend Energy company invests in comprehensive solid waste management services, power generation, recuperative / cogeneration heat use, certification and trading in carbon throughout Turkey.

The firm is a subsidiary of Doğanlar Holding. It was founded in 2017 and has 13 operating plants, including 11 biogas plants, a biomass plant, and a plant for preparation and supply of fuel from waste.

At least 18 plants have been commissioned in 2021 that transform waste into energy in 11 cities in six regions.