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Economy Ministry proposes to oblige businessmen to get QR codes

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Kyrgyzstan put forward an initiative to oblige entrepreneurs to get a QR code with information about a trading place and a businessman.

Entrepreneurs will have to place the QR code (A4 paper size) in an accessible place for the consumer of goods, works and services. It must contain information about the tenant or owner of the retail space (the name of the enterprise or the full name of the entrepreneur); TIN; number and duration of the lease agreement; name and number of the trading area, place / container / pavilion; cash register model; information about the license, if its availability is required in accordance with the law.

In addition, the administration of markets and shopping centers (malls) will be responsible in accordance with the law for the availability of a license, as well as an insurance certificate and for the use of cash registers.

The Ministry of Economy explains that they propose the amendments to ensure the timeliness and completeness of tax control, to increase tax revenues to the budget and streamline trading activities in markets and shopping centers (malls).