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Border Service tells details of border incident in Batken region

The Border Service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan told 24.kg news agency the details of the incident at the border with Tajikistan.

According to the Border Service, the citizens of Tajikistan, without the consent of the Kyrgyz side, began to carry out measures to clean sand at a site in Kum-Mazar area of ​​Batken district.

Border guards of Kyrgyzstan, representatives of local authorities and residents arrived at the scene. The Tajik side did not obey the demands of the Kyrgyz side to stop the work. Moreover, the Tajiks tried to beat up a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. Further, the verbal skirmish escalated into a fight and throwing stones at each other.

During the conflict, the border guards of the neighboring country fired shots towards the Kyrgyz Republic. In response, the border guards of the Border Service fired shots towards Tajikistan.

No wounded or injured from the Kyrgyz side were reported.

The head of the State Committee for National Security’s Border Service for Batken region, Colonel Kiyalbek Tolonbaev, is at the scene in order to prevent escalation of the conflict.

Meeting is held at the level of border representatives of the parties with participation of representatives of local self-government bodies and law enforcement agencies in Kum Mazar area. The situation is characterized as stable.