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New standard of school education developed in Kyrgyzstan

New state standard of school education is proposed to be approved in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Education and Science submitted the corresponding draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers for public discussion.

As the background statement says, the country’s legislation provides for updating the state standard at least once every five years. The current one was adopted in July 2014.

«Requirements for the education system have changed during this time, which must be reflected in the document. In this regard, more than 50 percent of changes have been made to the state standard. For example, the tasks of education have been updated, in particular, creation of the most favorable conditions for detection and development of creative abilities of each student, instilling diligence and high moral principles in them, formation of skills for self-education, self-knowledge and self-development of the individual, as well as ensuring the compliance of education in the educational system with traditional cultural, spiritual, moral and family values, conditions for the physical, mental, social, spiritual and moral development of children have been included in the document,» the ministry noted.

According to officials, the draft state educational standard will lay the foundation for education reforms and will help the implementation of integration issues and development of education.