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80 percent of Kyrgyzstanis trust President Sadyr Japarov

The level of people’s confidence in the new leadership of the country is quite high. Survey conducted by M-Vector research company says.

At least 80 percent of the respondents trust the President Sadyr Japarov (the figure includes both those who rather believe and those who completely trust). The share of those who do not believe in the fulfillment of the promises made by the head of state at all is 6 percent only.

The respondents were also asked about the degree of trust in various organizations and government agencies. The top three are the army (72 percent), religious organizations (53 percent) and the government (53 percent).

The majority of respondents tend to distrust political parties (70 percent).

At least 69 percent do not trust the Parliament, 61 percent do not trust the courts, 51 — the prosecutor’s office and 47 — the police. The State Committee for National Security is trusted by 49 percent of citizens only.

The researchers note that, judging by the survey, the level of citizens’ confidence in the new leadership of the country is high, but the highest level of trust is in the army and religious organizations. Respondents are less inclined to trust law enforcement agencies. The survey participants trust political parties least of all.