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Kiyalbek Mukashev: China insists on vaccination of 70 percent of population

«During the talks, China raises the issue of bringing the level of vaccination of the population of Kyrgyzstan to 70 percent,» Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Service Kiyalbek Mukashev said today at a meeting of the Committee on Budget and Finance.

The deputies again raised the issue of reducing the volume of transportation of goods from the PRC. The official admitted that only 30-35 vehicles pass through the checkpoints a day.

«This is not enough. The reason is that the issue of vaccination of our population is raised in negotiations with China,» Kiyalbek Mukashev said.

At least 1.25 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine were delivered from China to the Kyrgyz Republic on July 11. Vaccination against COVID-19 is being carried out in all regions of the country.