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Wife of Orhan Inandi appeals to President of Kyrgyzstan again

The wife of the president of Sapat international educational institution Orhan Inandi, who disappeared in Bishkek on May 31, Reihan Inandi, appeals to the President Sadyr Japarov for the third time. She asks the head of state to demand a report from law enforcement agencies on the search for the missing person.

On June 1, Sadyr Japarov instructed the State Committee for National Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to step up investigative and operational measures to search for a citizen of Kyrgyzstan Orhan Inandi.

«Dear President Sadyr Japarov! I have to contact you. One month has passed since the disappearance of Orhan Inandi. It is still not known where he is, what is his health condition. My four children and I are waiting for him, not getting a wink of sleep day and night. Waiting in the unknown is worse than dying. Kidnapping is a bad thing that the God doesn’t like. You have instructed to find Orhan Inandi. I look forward to your demand from the law enforcement agencies to fulfill your instructions. Help us, may the father of my children return home healthy,» Reihan Inandi said.