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About 10,000 saplings to be planted in Bishkek in 2021

At least 10,000 saplings will be planted in Bishkek in 2021. Aigul Navatova, Deputy Director of Bishkekzelenkhoz municipal enterprise, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, about 8,000 have been already planted, the rest — in the fall. «We need to first solve the issue of water supply on some streets, and only then plant. But we will fulfill the planting plan for this year, of course,» Aigul Navatova said.

She noted that there is no plan to cut down trees. «Although there are many old and emergency ones. Trees age, die, this is natural process. Some plantings are not removed because of public opinion,» the deputy director added.

Aigul Navatova specified that about 700 trees should be cut down in Bishkek as part of the second stage of road reconstruction at the expense of a Chinese grant. At first, it was planned to cut down about 4,000. «We try to preserve trees when it is possible,» she stressed.