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Kumtor case: Akylbek Japarov is disingenuous, refuting signing of documents

The current head of the state commission for checking the work of Kumtor, deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Japarov said earlier that back in 2003 he was against manipulations around the gold issue. However, a document refuting his words appeared on the Web.

The letter from the Ministry of Finance dated 2003 is signed also by Akylbek Japarov.

In an interview with journalist Oksana Tryukova at Evening of Hard Day program, the deputy and head of the state commission on Kumtor said that he was on good terms with the President Askar Akayev. But their relationship was damaged precisely because of Kumtor.

«In 2003, I was included in the working commission for negotiations with Centerra Gold. It turned out that every time we were offered some conditions. I then spoke and said that we should not create Centerra Gold and our share should not change. I spoke to the Legislative Assembly and the deputies adopted two resolutions. One prohibited creation of Centerra Gold, and according to the second, even with its creation, there had to be the consent of the Legislative Assembly. But they did not pay attention to this and created this company on December 31,» Akylbek Japarov said.

However, 24.kg news agency has a photo of the official letter of the First Deputy Minister of Finance. Emirlan Toromyrzaev sent an official letter to the Prime Minister Nikolai Tanaev. By this letter, the official submitted for consideration the report of the Kyrgyz delegation on the negotiations with Cameco corporation to discuss the project on restructuring of Kumtorzoloto. In addition, the head of government was presented a protocol of negotiations and a draft government decree on the restructuring of Kumtorzoloto.

The report is signed not only by Emirlan Toromyrzaev himself, but also by the members of the delegation, including Akylbek Japarov, who at that time was the chairman of the committee on taxes, customs and other fees of the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament.

The fugitive President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev said earlier that Akylbek Japarov contributed to the drafting the 2003 agreement, and accused the chairman of the state commission of attempts to justify the 2009 agreement, prepared during the presidency of Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

Akylbek Japarov himself did not comment on these accusations.

«Our reports contain all agreements for 2003, 2009 and 2019. In 2003, I left after the first meeting of the commission. We made a decision that there is no need to create Centerra, as it contradicts the interests of Kyrgyzstan. Hearing Askar Akayev, one might think that I was the president of Kyrgyzstan then. He is a senior person, so I will not comment,» Akylbek Japarov said.