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Kyrgyzstan starts development of new national program to combat tuberculosis

Kyrgyzstan has started development of the sixth national program to combat tuberculosis. The press center of the Ministry of Health and Social Development reported.

The program is designed until 2026. «First of all, there should be a critical assessment of the previous five programs. Perhaps, unrealistic goals were set or some mechanism was not fully developed. From these positions, we are starting to develop Tuberculosis-6 program,» Madamin Karataev, Director of the National Center of Phthisiology, said.

He said that further specific goals and objectives should be developed, activities with mandatory indication of funding sources, necessary resources and management systems, real assessment indicators should be set, by which it will subsequently be possible to judge effectiveness of the program.

In addition, it is necessary for the national program to have the capabilities to adequately respond to challenges such as, for example, the novel coronavirus pandemic.