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COVID-19: 13 schools and 5 kindergartens quarantined in Bishkek

Cases of infection with COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia have been detected in 34 Bishkek schools. The Chief Specialist of the Education Department of the City Hall of the capital, Chynara Isakova, told at a briefing.

According to her, 13 schools are quarantined, 36 classes in 21 more schools have switched to distance learning. At least 2,627 students are homeschooled based on parents’ statements.

«At least 47 employees of educational institutions and 90 schoolchildren have COVID-19, 9 employees and 11 students — community-acquired pneumonia,» Chynara Isakova said.

In addition, five kindergartens have been quarantined. «Six employees have COVID-19,» the chief specialist added.