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Kyrgyzstan becomes largest importer of Russian gasoline in EAEU in March

Kyrgyzstan became the largest importer of Russian gasoline in the Eurasian Economic Union in March. Kommersant reports.

According to preliminary estimates, Russia has exported 73,400 tonnes of gasoline — to Kyrgyzstan, 7,600 tonnes — to Belarus and 0.3 thousand tonnes — to Kazakhstan, that is in total 20 percent of all gasoline exports in March.

The Russian government starts formal preparations for imposing of restrictions on the export of gasoline.

«According to the text of the protocol, the Russian authorities decided to include gasoline in the list of goods that are «essential for the domestic market, in respect of which, in exceptional cases, temporary restrictions or export bans may be imposed,» the statement says.

At the same time, the ban will not apply to the EAEU member states.