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Energy Minister: Uniform tariff will be set for private distribution companies

A uniform tariff for purchase of electricity will be set for private distribution companies. The Minister of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan Kubanychbek Turdubaev announced today at a press conference.

According to him, there are 29 private distribution companies operating in the country to date. Previously, tariffs for them were set individually, taking into account their costs. It was decided to change the concept.

«A uniform tariff will be developed. We will no longer take into account the costs of companies. Previously, they were granted a discount, sometimes even to the detriment of energy companies. We are not against business, but we believe that public-private partnerships should bring benefits to the energy sector. Therefore, the tariff for private distribution companies will be developed in parallel with the medium-term tariff policy,» Kubanychbek Turdubaev told.

He also noted that in the future it is planned to switch to tariffs that will depend on the voltage consumed, and then the need for private companies will disappear at all.

«The whole world works using these rates. When we switch to them, industrial companies will be able to choose tariffs themselves and maintain energy facilities,» the minister concluded.