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Preparations for third wave of COVID-19 in progress in Bishkek

Preparations for possible deterioration of the epidemiological situation in connection with coronavirus are underway in Bishkek. The head of the Healthcare Department of the Bishkek City Hall Baktygul Ismailova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, 15 mobile brigades are working in the capital to date. If necessary, their number will be increased to 20.

«Four lines of the call center 118 are working, they switched to round-the-clock operation. Negotiations are underway with Kyrgyztelecom to increase their number to eight. If the situation worsens, there is a reserve of six more lines at the Healthcare Department,» Baktygul Ismailova said.

At least 545 beds are ready. Some 224 more beds were prepared today in Clinical Hospital No. 1, 120 — in hospital No. 6 and 48 — in the National Cardiology Center.

«It is not planned to deploy day patient hospitals according to the recommendations. Everything that was in them last year (beds, screens, oxygen concentrators) has been mothballed. In the worse case scenario, we will be able to deploy day patient hospitals within 24 hours,» Baktygul Ismailova told.

She urged citizens to wear masks, not to go to crowded places, to keep a distance and observe other sanitary rules.

A separate request to people in home quarantine, contact persons — to stay at home for two weeks.

«We are monitoring them. Brigades of district and municipal territorial administrations’ workers have been formed at the City Hall, who also help to monitor, but we cannot control 24 hours a day. The Ministry of Health is resolving the issue of launching a mobile application (to track the location of people through a cell phone). It was installed last year, the chairman of the republican headquarters gave the task to re-launch it,» Baktygul Ismailova added.

«Parents should look after their minor children. 17-year-olds spend time in nightclubs, hookah bars ... In addition, it is necessary to protect the elderly and those with chronic diseases,» the head of the City Healthcare Department concluded.

As of April 9, at least 151 new cases of coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia were registered in Kyrgyzstan, 74 of them — in Bishkek.