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Local ecologists shoot film about underwater landfills in Issyk-Kul lake

Employees of Institute for Environmental Solutions Public Foundation shot a film about what is happening in Issyk-Kul region and about the underwater landfills in the lake.

«We are used to considering Issyk-Kul as one of the cleanest bodies of water on the planet, recklessly believing that a plastic bag or bottle thrown by a trash can on the beach will not harm the lake. Winds carry heaps of garbage along the shore, some of the waste inevitably ends up in the water. Over the decades, real underwater landfills have formed in the inshore zone of popular beaches,» the film says.

Divers and ecologists are aware of what is actually hidden in the depths. For many years they have been sounding the alarm and trying to draw attention to the problem. It is already impossible to solve it only by the efforts of activists alone, without state participation. There seems to be a way out. Several years ago, the government of Kyrgyzstan created the Nature Development Fund to improve the environment in the country. The money for its work was transferred by Kumtor Gold Company. However, the project never started running at full capacity.