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Fuel to rise in price again in Kyrgyzstan

The cost of fuel in the fuel and lubricants market of Kyrgyzstan will increase in April. The Association of Oil Traders gives such forecast.

Prices for gasoline group will rise by 6 percent, diesel fuel — by 9 percent.

A worldwide rise in oil prices is currently registered. As of April 2, Brent crude oil cost $ 65 / barrel. There is also an increase in wholesale selling prices for fuels and lubricants on the Russian market of petroleum products. This will contribute to rise in fuel prices in Kyrgyzstan.

«An additional negative factor that provoked an increase in the final prices at local gas filling stations was a significant depreciation of the Kyrgyz som to the US dollar. After all, oil products are purchased from factories using the international currency, and they are sold in the territory of Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyz soms,» the Association of Oil Traders said.