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Interactive informational and educational tools presented in Bishkek

Interactive informational and educational tools applicable in «Person and Society» school classes were presented in Bishkek. UNDP reports.

The interactive kit includes 7 board games, 2 mobile games and 1 interactive map for developing civic and personal competencies, as well as raising legal literacy and awareness of the state system.

Fourteen pilot schools from six regions of Kyrgyzstan will be the first to receive the kits. The goal of the initiative is to encourage interest in youth in how government works, how one person can influence the development of a country and participate in decision-making processes, and to increase legal literacy, awareness of human rights and mechanisms to protect them.

Board games and mobile games developed as part of the project, enhance in youth personal competencies, such as critical thinking, argumentation and debate skills, and effective decision-making. All games and the interactive map are in two — Kyrgyz and Russian languages.