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Askar Sydykov: Inspections of business became main problem in economy

«We hope that the state will switch from a punitive approach to a constructive one in relation to business,» Askar Sydykov, Executive Director of the International Business Council (IBC) said, commenting on the presidential decree on additional measures to protect business entities.

According to him, business welcomes adoption of the decree and hopes for its practical implementation. After all, checks in relation to business entities have become one of the main problems in the economy. The measures provided for by the decree are aimed precisely at the maximum protection of business from unreasonable checks and pressure.

«The measures are quite specific, IBC discussed many of them with the Government, with the authorized bodies and found understanding. Indeed, it is necessary to amend the criminal and criminal procedural legislation in order to prevent pre-trial proceedings without sufficient grounds: if there is no confirmed information about violations, if it concerns civil legal transactions, if there is no special need for this, to avoid criminal prosecution in relation to business representatives,» Askar Sydykov said.

He also drew attention to the fact that points of the decree are important in terms of strengthening supervision by the Prosecutor General’s Office and observance of the moratorium on inspections. Business hopes that the state will switch to a creative approach in relation to entrepreneurs. Then it will be possible to implement joint measures to support businessmen, the economy, anti-crisis measures to stabilize the situation and advanced reforms that can lead the country to the top economies of the region.

«Kyrgyzstan, indeed, has great potential in the financial sector, in industry, in agriculture, in the creative economy, in services, tourism, and it is very important to fulfil it. Having ensured security, and in the future, carrying out economic reforms, we will be able to take real steps towards sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan,» Askar Sydykov said.