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Kumtor employees address open letter to President of Kyrgyzstan

The staff of Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) sent an open letter to the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov, Speaker of the Parliament Talant Mamytov and the Prime Minister Ulukbek Maripov.

The letter says that «the staff is deeply concerned about the latest events around the largest operating enterprise in the republic.» In particular, the company employees were «extremely indignant» at creation of the next state commission to study the activities of KGC.

So, in the letter, they remind that, firstly, such a commission had been already created in 2013 and all reports on its work are available both at the company and at the relevant state bodies.

Secondly, the company representatives believe that government interference in the company’s operations is contrary to the state investment protection policy. «The law imposing ban on inspections of business entities by law enforcement agencies was adopted on December 11, 2020. However, various authorities ignore such state policy and do not understand that, given the current realities of the global economic crisis, any additional checks only exacerbate the situation,» the letter says.

Thirdly, the creation of the State Commission is contrary to legislation. «Thus, according to Article 107 of the Law on parliamentary regulations, creation of a temporary commission for parliamentary investigation is not allowed four months before expiration of the term of office of the Parliament, as well as the creation of two or more commissions on the same issue,» the letter says.

The fourth, KGC employees urge the country’s leadership to think primarily about the economy. «Every investor is now needed by the country both from the point of view of the economy, as well as employment of the population. Any statements that are periodically made in Parliament immediately affect the external investment attractiveness of the country, the value of Kyrgyzstan’s shares in Kumtor project, and, as a result, the incomes of not only the state, but also the incomes of several thousand workers and their families employed at this mine,» the letter says.