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Government of Kyrgyzstan promises to help business

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ulukbek Maripov met with the country’s Business Ombudsman Robin Ord-Smith. Government’s press service reported.

The head of Government noted the importance of activity of the Institute of Business Ombudsman to ensure protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs and their observance by government authorities.

«The issue of ensuring guarantees of state protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs and investors is one of the priority directions of the government’s activity and an important element in the development of the country’s economy,» he said.

Ulukbek Maripov stressed the importance of the ongoing work with business and investors, including he dwelled upon a recent meeting with the business community, participants of which spoke about the need to build partnership and mutually beneficial relationships.

He stressed that a plan of priority measures is being developed, which will include measures to ensure security and business guarantees when interacting with law enforcement agencies.

«In the near future, a meeting of the Security Council will be held, where the main block will be issues of business and investment, as well as interaction with law enforcement agencies, state authorities, local governments and their officials,» the Prime Minister said.

The Government will carry out work on the inventory of legal acts in the field of entrepreneurship. The legislation will be improved, including in terms of reducing the number of inspections by government agencies. Interaction of law enforcement agencies with business will fundamentally change towards business support.

The country’s Business Ombudsman, Robin Ord-Smith, in turn, stressed the importance of effective interaction between the Government and the institute. His professional team is ready to provide maximum assistance in the framework of ongoing work on reforms, presenting relevant proposals for creation of favorable conditions for business.