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Shooting of dogs: French actress Brigitte Bardot appeals to Sadyr Japarov

French actress and founder of the animal welfare and protection foundation Brigitte Bardot appealed to the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov regarding the shooting of dogs in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Official website of the Foundation says.

According to it, Brigitte Bardot was agitated by the rally that took place on February 10, 2021 near the Bishkek City Hall with a demand to stop shooting of stray dogs.

«In recent weeks, evidence continues to come, condemning the killing of dogs in a barbaric way: people who shoot animals do not feel any remorse about the brutal death they have caused and the trauma experienced by the population that cares for animals or simply accepts them into their environment, as it should be in a world where man is not omnipotent, but solidary and compassionate. Following the February 10 demonstration, the Bishkek City Hall announced a temporary moratorium on shooting of stray dogs. I see this as a historic opportunity for Kyrgyzstan to turn to ethical management of stray animals by means of sterilization, identification, as well as increased responsibility and community education,» the appeal says.

My foundation stands ready to cooperate in this change of strategy, the only one capable of achieving sustainable results and capable of integrating your country into a humanistic policy of universal respect for man, nature and animals.

Brigitte Bardot

She also stressed that representatives of the fund are already cooperating with local animal protection organizations.

«Together with them, we propose you a project that will pave the way for vision and painless management of overcrowding in dogs and cats. I ask you, Mr. President, to assist in implementation of this project for the well-being and tranquility of all,» Brigitte Bardot concluded.