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Administrative Court of Bishkek rules Detailed Planning Project invalid

Administrative Court of Bishkek satisfied the claim of residents of Bishkek to invalidate the decision of the Bishkek City Council on approval of the Detailed Planning Project.

«Thus, the Detailed Planning Project itself was declared invalid,» a lawyer Erik Iriskulbekov told 24.kg news agency.

The Detailed Planning Project for the central part of Bishkek, which the capital’s deputies adopted without discussion, is at the center of scandal. While officials are trying to convince the people that nothing threatens their private property, a lawsuit was filed with the Inter-District Court to cancel the project, and the Bishkek City Council is the defendant.

The city prosecutor’s office detected shortcomings and inconsistencies in the Detailed Planning Project of the central part of the capital. Access to the project was closed for unknown reasons. Even the court was not able to get it at the first try.

During a meeting with an initiative group of citizens at 24.kg news agency, the city authorities agreed that the Detailed Planning Project needs to be finalized.

Acting Mayor of Bishkek Balbak Tulobaev said at a planning meeting on January 18 that he would send a letter to the Bishkek City Council to revoke the Detailed Planning Project adopted in 2019.