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Detailed plan of Bishkek sent for revision

The detailed plan of the central territory of Bishkek city was sent for revision to the authors. The Bishkek City Administration reported.

Earlier, public discussions of the document took place in the district administrations. The townspeople made their comments and suggestions.

«Based on the results of the heard opinions, we decided to return the project for revision to the authors, taking into account all the voiced remarks,» the Bishkek City Administration noted.

The detailed plan of Bishkek is being developed for several years. It covers 3,640 hectares of the central part of Bishkek, bounded by Zhibek Zholu Avenue, Kurmanjan Datka, Akhunbaev and Bach Streets.

The document regulates the red and other town-planning lines, functional and construction zoning, cross-sectional profiles of streets, rivers and canals, location of objects of cultural and communal services of the population.