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Bishkek residents protest against minibuses fare increase

Rally against increase in minibuses fare was held in Bishkek today. Activists reported.

Several people with banners came to the main entrance of the capital’s City Hall and demanded from the city authorities not to allow fare increase.

«The City Hall cannot agree to raise fares because many citizens were left without work during the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, it is necessary to raise pensions and salaries, if the fare is increased,» the protesters said.

Minibus drivers demanded to increase the fare to 15 soms, threatening to suspend work.

A working group has been created at the City Hall to consider the issue of increasing the fare in minibuses.

Earlier, the Central Internal Affairs Department informed that all transport operators were warned: in case of disruption of work of public transport, the Bishkek City Hall would reconsider cooperation with private companies and appropriate measures would be taken.

At least 500 minibus drivers did not show up for work on January 18.